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New to the World of Investing? These Bloggers Can Help!

New to the World of Investing? These Bloggers Can Help!

At HotelierCo, our goal is to make the world of investing accessible to anyone in the crowd. That not only means educating the inexperienced investor, but providing a wealth of resources for the sophisticated investor as well.

While our blog serves as a tool to keep HotelierCo investors current with market trends, we know that becoming a great investor is all about developing a multifaceted approach to learning.

With so many things to know when it comes to investing your money, we know that gaining knowledge from just one blog, market expert or social influencer may not provide a comprehensive overview. That’s why we’re sharing a list of our top picks for investment bloggers to follow below!

What: The Financial Diet

Who: Chelsea Fagan

Why: Though Chelsea’s content is directed at a millennial audience, The Financial Diet shares money advice and budgeting tips in a refreshingly honest way that anyone can relate to.

Example of Post: 5 Simple (But Substantial) Investments That Have Hugely Upgraded My Life

the reformed broker blog

What: The Reformed Broker

Who: Josh Brown

Why: If you regularly watch CNBC or read Fortune, you may already be familiar with Josh Brown’s candid approach to financial advice. As a New York City-based adviser, Brown helps people invest wisely on- and offline.

Example of Post: Fear and Greed are Undefeated

j money budgets are sexy blogj money budgets are sexy blogWhat: Budgets are Sexy

Who: J. Money

Why: With a tagline like, “Where Personal Finance Nerds are Cool”, it’s clear to see this blog is a witty, yet informative source on the world of finance. We enjoy Budgets are Sexy’s humorous approach on topics and terms that often intimidate new investors.

Example of Post: 11 Money Lies to Watch Out For

latisha styles young finance blogWhat: Young Finances

Who: LaTisha Styles

Why: If you’re looking to “budget, invest and achieve success”, Young Adult Finances is the perfect blog for you. LaTisha started her blog after not being able to find a job, despite holding two masters degrees. She shares insight from personal experience to help young adults acquire budgeting skills, generate passive income and make sound financial investments.

Example of Post: How Can a College Student Invest? Easy Tips

What: Retire by 40

Who: Joe Udo

Why: If you’re goal is to retire early, Joe is a great person to learn from. He set a goal to retire by 40 — and he did! Retire by 40 is a great resource for smart investors, with tips on how to be frugal, save money and make smarter financial decisions overall.

Example of Post: Why I’m Hiring Our Kid as an Employee

What are some of your favorite blogs on personal finance? Let us know what we may have missed in the comments below!

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