Frequently asked questions

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All investments in both HotelierCo the company as well as the individual hotel assets are run through our partnership Wefunder. To get started you will need to set up an account with Wefunder and then you can browse the relevant investments on the HotelierCo page.

As each opportunity is ready for funding, you’ll be able to review earnings, investment opportunities, tax documents and access to customer support.

HotelierCo allows each of our investors an opportunity to gain ownership in both our fund management company and hotels. Each will be a separate investment opportunity. You will have access to investments that were previously available only to large institutional investors.

The majority of investments will be available for investment starting at $1,000. Although we plan on having offering minimum investments as low as $100.

HotelierCo provides quarterly updates via your investor portal. Simply login to your account for access.

Compliance with securities laws requires the collection of a social security number and date of birth for the compliance that must take place.

Absolutely! Anytime an investment fund is open, we welcome HotelierCo investors to contribute more.

Each of our investments will be available to all United States citizens. We will also be opening investments globally over time.

If you have a question regarding getting started with HotelierCo, feel free to shoot us a message at