How it works

We provide opportunity for your future. With each investment and investment fund, we target specific destinations, development projects and properties allowing you to find the most suitable fund for your portfolio, and lifestyle.


we search for the assets

We have put together a team of partners with a depth of knowledge in hotel property ownership, operations, management and branding to make hotel ownership available to everyone. We reach far and wide to our network to find hotels for investment through HotelierCo.


negotiating deals

Our team has experience in crafting hotel real estate deals that allow for success at the purchase. We negotiate deals for each hotel to provide a range of investment options from one property investment to multi property options.


we form partnerships

Our team at HotelierCo has spent years developing strategic partnerships to bring exciting real estate investment opportunities to you. From the owners, operators, procurement companies, and technology platforms of each property, relationships have been forged to make these ventures possible.


get the word out..

At HotelierCo we strive to create excitement around your investments and educating our members about the hospitality and hotel market. We have a dedicated marketing and communications team who ensure each property is promoted on a broad range of social, media channels and local communities.


choose an investment that’s tailored for you

Dive in to a pool of investment opportunities. Our job is to help you find and understand the investment options open to you. Our support team is always available to answer questions on specific HotelierCo properties or funds.


hospitality management

HotelierCo has partnered with accredited third party management companies to ensure each hotel is operated with the utmost professionalism.


exclusiveHotelierCo deals

What’s the point of becoming a hotelier if it doesn’t come with perks? Once you are an invested member of HotelierCo, you’ll be eligible to receive special offers at each hotel under the HotelierCo Umbrella.


we monitor your investments

Our property investment plan was created with the investor in mind. We watch your investments, including track capital growth, development progress and dividend payments.