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Tech & Travel: Exploring Virtual Vacations

Tech & Travel: Exploring Virtual Vacations

Modern technology has fundamentally changed the travel and tourism industry. For instance, just 20 years ago, candid reviews on TripAdvisor , ride-sharing apps like Uber and budget-friendly travel sites like Kayak didn’t exist.

Travelers now have more resources than ever to pick the right accommodations for their lifestyle, budget and on-the-go needs.

However, for individuals with the wanderlust gene that may not have the time, money or energy to invest in extensive travel, virtual vacations provide a solution.

What are Virtual Vacations?

Virtual reality (VR) vacations offer the opportunity to explore new places without leaving the comfort of home. Audiences can enjoy fully-immersive, interactive digital experiences in dazzling destinations with the aid of a 360 VR head-mounted display.


Why Should I Consider a Virtual Vacation?

Whether you’re looking to escape the monotony of your workweek or hoping to get a realistic preview of a place on your travel bucket list, a virtual  vacation makes it possible.

360 VR gives life to sights and sounds, offering consumers a better understanding of what they might hope to see or experience during a potential adventure to the specified location.

Where Can I Take a Virtual Vacation?

While we’re aware virtual reality may not be a suitable replacement for an actual vacation, there are an array of online destinations that can offer you a quick escape.

Apps like Qantas provide an interactive tour of Australia’s most beautiful scenery. Other panoramic VR experiences in vacation hot spots can be viewed online via YouTube and Facebook. Kayak also offers a fully-immersive experience filled with unique sights, sounds and tastes with their Virtual Vacation packages.

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