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$1.6 trillion

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, with bookings hitting close to $1.6 trillion

$67.2 billion

Total global hotel transaction volumes in in 2019

$185 billion

Gross bookings in the hospitality sector in 2019

Industry Overview

Market size of the global hotel industry ($ billion)

Revenue of the U.S. hotel industry ($ billion)

Average daily rate of hotels worldwide (in $)

Branded vs Independent By HCo

By HCo allows each property to be authentically independent or connected to a soft brand, allowing a flexible contract term and lower fees. A soft brand hotel is an independent hotel that joins the power and convenience of a chain while maintaining a strong sense of individuality and strictly defined rules, regulations, processes, and associated costs.

An independent hotel has a custom identity, a personal touch, and commitment to service that offer a one-of-a-kind guest experience with the freedom in commercial and distribution strategies, without hotel chain regulations holding back the individual property.

Percentage of global rooms by class


first-class services, well equipped and state of the art facilities

Upper-Upscale Upscale Class

superior , variety of amenities, upscale, comfort plus quality


convenience plus comfort


value, comfortable, affordable


meets budget basic needs

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